Don’t Forfeit the Summer!

The weather is getting warmer. The trees are in full bloom. People are ready to get out after being shut up in their houses for the winter months. Vacations are planned. And many churches suspend their ministries to men. Sounds like a typical late spring pattern.  And as we approach the summer months, many churches will suspend their ministry to men during the summer months.

I want to encourage you, do not forfeit the summer months. This is an opportunity for you to really pour into the lives of your men.

Yes, there will be men traveling, taking their families on vacation, and it is a good time for them to get away for a while with their families, and they should get away with their families. But many men will not be traveling.  Many will be staying at home.

But suspending the ministry to men during the summer months may set men up to get involved in areas they should not be. There will not be anything to encourage your men. Some men may be involved in weekly discipleship groups, but what about the men who are not.

So if you are doing monthly breakfasts, continue your monthly breakfasts. If you are doing a Bible study, continue your Bible study. Plan a big outing, maybe a tailgate party, plan a trip to a ballgame. Do a Father – Son outing. Do something. Plan activities through the summer months. Keep your men engage.

I have seen a lot times when churches suspend their ministry to men during the summer months they spend all of September and possibly into October trying to get their men engaged again. They even lose some of their men while the ministry is suspended never to be seen again.

Think seriously about suspending your ministry to men during the summer months. Continue the ministry. Don’t stop! Pour into your men’s lives. Don’t forfeit the summer months. God doesn’t stop His work during the summer months. God doesn’t stop doing things because it is summer.

This is an excellent time to reach men through many summer activities. Do not forfeit the summer to reach the men of the church and community.

Continue ministering to your men during the summer months.

To the challenge and adventure to disciple men – Mike

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