Thank You, Mom!

Having completed my morning devotions as I sit here at my desk, I remember that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Though, no, I didn’t just remember, I began to think about my Mother. Though she crossed over into eternity in 1993, I cannot help but think of how she still impacts my life today.

My Dad died when I was 14 years old, and she had to become Mom and Dad in so many ways. Though she didn’t know how to be a dad, she didn’t know how to teach me to do the things that a Dad would teach his son; she did the best she could.

But I guess the biggest impact she made on my life was my faith. Though she never really spoke spiritually into my life in teaching me about the things of God. She always made sure that I attended church and had the opportunity to participate in the youth events and trips that would speak spiritually into my life. Because of this, I met Tim Sims, who introduced me to Jesus Christ, and through his ministry, I realized I needed Christ in my life. This would not have happened if not for my Mother’s diligence.

I can remember my Mother sitting in her chair every evening with her bible in her lap, reading with her Sunday School book and working through the lesson for the coming Sunday. She always had it handy next to her chair, sitting on a bookshelf.

I know that after Dad died, I gave her a hard time. I disappointed her many times with my attitude and refusal to obey her wishes. Fortunately, I know that she was praying for my siblings and me. Because I know that I could have gotten into so much trouble in my teenage years before I left the fold, so to speak. Though I tested the waters of rebellion, I never became one who participated in the drinking scene. Or one who did drugs. Or even smoked. In all accounts, I guess I was a good boy.

And it was all because of my Mother.

It has been 29 years since her passing, and she is still affecting my life. Memories of her and our relationship, though turbulent at times, help make me the man I am today. I, too, pointed my children to God. I, too, pray for my children every day and even now for my grandchildren. I, too, pray they will become the men and women of God that God has designed them to be. Thank you, Mom, for being that spiritual example.

Though she may not have spoken into my life spiritually – she still pointed me to God. And for that, Mom, thank you. If you were here today, I would give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I Love You!

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