First Blog Post

I retired in March 2016 after 42 years in the power industry. Over 30 of those years in the nuclear division of the company I worked, completing my career in the corporate office.

It has been my dream to write through I have never really had any real training. I did take a number of English courses in college and I wrote a number of reports in my career. For a number of years I performed incident investigation which required a detail report at the completion. I have written a number of articles for a non-profit organization.

I started this blog to hone my skill as a writer by writing about my time as a retiree. Though I do not know where this will lead, I am looking forward sharing my adventures, joys, and yes, frustrations as a retiree.

Who knows what I may write about. Maybe you will find this entertaining, thought-provoking, silly, or just the ranting of an old man.